Wilpac Package Machinery provides three versatile packaging solutions for snacks. The first option is the WP-BF Series Premade Pouch Horizontal Feeding Packing Machine, which efficiently packages snacks using premade pouches with horizontal feeding. The second solution is the WP-ML Series Zip-Lock Standup Bag Packing Machine, perfect for packaging snacks in zip-lock standup bags, ensuring convenience and freshness. Lastly, the WP-E Series Vertical Packing Machine offers efficient vertical bag packaging for snacks, maintaining their quality and presentation.

WP-BF series Premade Pouch Horizontal Feeding Packing Machine

◎ Applicable Bag Types: three side seal bag, four side seal bag, standup pouch bag, zipper bag(option) and so on.
◎ Applicable Bag Material: multi-layers laminated films, for example: PET/PE. Film thickness 0.05-0.15mm.
◎ Applicable Products: a variety of snack food, candy, bean, pet food, dried fruits, sugar, milk powder, coffeepowder, etc

WP-ML series zip-lock standup bag packing machine

◎ Applicable bag type: oval standup bag, three sides sealed bag, four sides sealed bag, zipper bag.
◎ Applicable film materials: a variety of laminated films, film thickness is 0.05~0.15mm.
◎ Applicable packing materials: a variety of snack food, chemical raw materials, herbal, small hardware, such as candy, bean, pet food, dry fruits, sugar, spice and some others granule product, also some powder like milk powder, coffee powder, etc.


WP-E series vertical packing machine

◎ Applicable Bag Type: pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag, triangle bag.
◎ Applicable Film Material: a variety of laminated films, single layer PE film. Film thickness range 0.03~0.15mm.
◎ Applicable Packing Materials: a variety of snack food, frozen food, milk powder, pet food, coffee, oatmeal, sugar, salt, puffed food, rice, herbal, tea,  small       hardware, etc.