Wilpac Package Machinery offers two efficient packaging solutions for rice. The first option is the WP-AB Volumetric Cup Packing Machine, which ensures accurate and precise measurement of rice with its volumetric cup system. The second choice is the WP-AX Series Linear Weigher Packing Machine, which provides high-speed and accurate weighing of rice, ensuring consistent packaging quality.

WP-AB Volumetric cup packing machine

◎ It suits for small granule good flowing products packing, such as bean, rice, sugar, salt, seasame, seed, ice cube, pet.
◎ Applicable bag type: pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag.
◎ Applicable Film Materials: a variety of laminated films, singlelayer PE film, film thickness range 0.03mm~0.15mm.


WP-AX Series Linear Weigher packing machine

◎ Applicable film materials:A variety of laminatesd films,single-layer PE film,film thickness range 0.04~0.15mm.
◎ Applicable packing materials:a variety of rice,melon seed,corn, soybean,peanut,nut etc.
◎ Applicable bag type:Pillow bag,Guseset bag,Seal type bag.