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Several highlights of packaging machinery in the food industry


People take food as their heaven, and this sentence is valid no matter what country it is. To make the food better protected, to keep the quality of the food longer and safer, it is inseparable from our automatic food packaging machine-snack food packaging machine, fruit dried packaging machine, sea

What are the advantages and characteristics of the multi-column granule packaging machine


Automatic packaging machine is a kind of automatic equipment that can automatically package products. Compared with manual packaging, automatic packaging machines have higher efficiency and lower costs. Many manufacturers have not understood the advantages and characteristics of automatic packaging

The future development trend of the packaging industry,During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, focusing on the strategic needs of my country's food industry and agricultural product processing indust


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, focusing on the strategic needs of my country's food industry and agricultural product processing industry for technology and equipment, aiming at the development trend of the international food and packaging machinery industry, actively promoting industrial

What are the product characteristics and working principle of the candy packaging machine?


The candy packaging machine is a machine for packaging candy. The candy packaging machine can quickly package the candy, and the quality of the packaging is also very good. Compared with the traditional manual packaging, the packaging efficiency and packaging quality of the candy packaging machine a

What benefits can the coffee bean bag packaging machine bring?


As the pace of life in China accelerates, more and more products are packaged by coffee bean bag packaging machines into people's lives. Today I will talk about the coffee bean bag packaging machine industry!Advantages of coffee bean bag packaging machine1. Brings greater convenienceCoffee bean bag

Ice cube bag packaging machinery and Z type hoist will grow 5.34% annually in the packaging industry by 2021


Pune, India, February 12, 2016/PR Newswire/PR iReach/-According to the packaging machinery market report, multiple packages are available in multiple formats, including cardboard packaging paper, cartons, corrugated fiberboard, high-density polyethylene plastic handles, Cardboard basket, six pack ri

Features and advantages of ice cube bag packaging machine


With the improvement of material living standards, there are more and more types of food and various daily items. Various industries have begun to use automatic packaging machines to improve production efficiency. So what are the characteristics and advantages of automatic packaging machines?1. Feat

4 heads Linear weigher


"Fourteenth Five-Year Plan": The first five-year plan to build a new domestic and international dual-cycle development patternAmidst major changes unseen in a century, China faces brand new strategic opportunities. We have outstanding leadership, strong cohesion, efficient mobilization, firm executi

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