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We take “innovative technology, Optimal Management, Service Integrity, Market Development” as our philosophy. We adhere to the company tenet of “technology first, the market as guide, quality is fundamental, reputation is guarantee”. 

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Features and uses of metal detectors for the food industry


Metal detectors are mainly used in the detection of metal impurities in the food industry. There are two types of metal detectors for food: belt type and pipeline type. The belt type is a conveyor belt. Put the food on the belt and pass the probe. If it contains metal impurities, it will alarm and s

What are the characteristics of the seasoning bag packaging machine?


The seasoning bag packaging machine adopts a photoelectric control system with strong anti-light and electrical interference capabilities. When the packaging material has printing defects, it can automatically complete the positioning and fix the length, effectively avoiding the loss of broken bags.

What are the advantages and characteristics of the filling and packaging machine


Filling and packaging machine is now an automated equipment that can automatically package products. Compared with manual packaging, automatic packaging machines have higher efficiency and lower costs. Many manufacturers have not understood the advantages and characteristics of automatic packaging m

Benefits and classification of paste packaging machine


An era has the characteristics of an era, and after entering the 21st century, my country's science and technology has also begun to develop prominently, and a large number of automation equipment has begun to enter major food processing companies one after another, so let's come together Look at th

The technical principle and usage details of the weighing automatic packaging machine at Shanghai Food Packaging Exhibition


Weighing automatic packaging machines can be divided into packaging material sorting and supplying systems, packaging materials metering and supplying systems, main drive systems, packaging actuators, finished product export organizations, power machinery and transmission systems, and control system

The performance characteristics of the bag packaging machine at Shanghai Food Packaging Exhibition


With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the emergence of various pharmaceutical and food processing products poses new challenges to packaging technology and packaging equipment. Automatic packaging machines are playing an increasingly important role in the circulatio

Precautions for daily use of bag packaging machine


Precautions for the daily use of the bag packaging machine1. Cleaning is a very important job. In the process of use, the automatic packaging machine should be kept clean, and the belt debris and dirt on the track and parts of the equipment should be removed frequently.2. Maintaining the automatic

The 27th Shanghai Food Packaging Exhibition's bag-feeding machine was exhibited


Weidelberg will show you packaging machinery, food packaging, liquid packaging, weighing and measuring equipment, packaging materials and products, intelligent equipment, to e-commerce logistics packaging, material distribution and warehousing. We will Provide one-stop processing and packaging solut

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