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What are the advantages and characteristics of the gusset bag packaging machine

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What are the advantages and characteristics of the gusset bag packaging machine

The gusset bag packaging machine is now an automated equipment that can automatically package products. The gusset bag packaging machine has higher efficiency and lower cost than manual packaging. Many manufacturers have not understood the advantages and characteristics of the gusset bag packaging machine, and have been hesitant to buy the gusset bag packaging machine. Today, the editor will introduce in detail "What are the advantages and characteristics of the gusset bag packaging machine".

1. Advantages of gusset bag packaging machine

1. Automated production. It is a packaging equipment with a high degree of automation. Its entire working process is automatically controlled by the program. The entire operation link can be set on the control panel. Each operation link can be adjusted on the control panel. Before mass production, you only need to set the parameters required for each link on the control panel and start the switch with one button. The whole equipment can be automated production according to the set procedure, such a streamlined production, It's easy to achieve on one device.

2. Improve work productivity. Achieving automated production means that work productivity has increased, but there is another problem with labor costs. If the work productivity is increased during mass production, and labor costs cannot be resolved, it will also increase the company. The production cost of the automatic packaging machine does not require manual cooperation in every operation link in the production process, but there is an exception to the operation link, that is, the material filling link, because this link is relatively special, we all know There are many categories of food, and the categories of food all have different characteristics. There are particles, bones, lumps, strips, etc., and the material filling area is based on these Different characteristics of food are matched. Different products have different feeding methods. Manually only need to place the products in the feeding cup. Other operations require manual auxiliary operations. This not only saves labor costs for the company, but also increases work productivity.

3. Multifunctional in one. For food packaging, there will be bags of different sizes. In this case, the automatic packaging machine is aimed at products with different packaging sizes. Through motor control, the width of the bag can be adjusted to a suitable size. Encountered bag problems during the production process, such as putting the bag over due to human problems, defective bags, and non-feeding problems during packaging. For this kind of unexpected situation, the automatic packaging machine has a powerful automatic bag Inspection function: When the equipment grabs the prefabricated packaging bag and finds that it is empty or unqualified, it will stop feeding and heat sealing, and the bag can be reused to reduce the loss of packaging materials.


Second, the characteristics of the gusset bag packaging machine

1. Widely used and easy to use

In our daily lives, we can often see the figure of fully automatic packaging machines. In the market, it plays a significant role in food-related industries, chemical industry, pharmaceutical production, and some light industry industries. He can be used in almost all life scenes. On the other hand, it is easy to operate. Traditional packaging includes pulling the bag, putting the items into the bag, marking a bar code, weighing, and sealing a series of links. This machine can complete all steps independently, reducing manpower input.

2. Efficient and hygienic

Relevant data shows that the output of the common automatic packaging machines in the world can reach 120-240 pieces per minute, which is many times faster than manual packaging decades ago. At the same time, the packaging work is all done by the machine without manual operation, which avoids the pollution from the operator from the root cause, and is more clean and hygienic.

The above is a detailed introduction of "What are the advantages and features of the gusset bag packaging machine". If you have any other questions, you can consult us at any time.


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