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VFFS packaging machine vertical packaging machine snacks packaging machine

◎Applicable bag type:Pillow bag,Gusset bag,Seal type bag。
◎Applicable film materials:Avariety of laminated films,single-layer PE film,film thickness range 0.04mm~0.15mm。
◎Applicable packing materials:A variety of recreation food,deep frozen food,milk powder,coffee,oatmeal,granulated sugar,salt,puffed food,rice,herbal,tea,small hardware etc。
  • WP-H Series
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◎Applicable bag type: Pillow bag,Gusset bag,Seal type bag。

◎Applicable film materials: Avariety of laminated films,single-layer PE film,film thickness range 0.04mm~0.15mm。 

◎Applicable packing materials: A variety of snack food, deep frozen food, milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, granulated sugar, salt, puffed food, rice, herbal, tea, small hardware etc。



◎PLC control, man machine interface, easy to operate and maintain.

◎Driven by double servo motors and optical tracking devices to keep high packing speed and high accuracy.

◎The frame of machine is made of stainless steel #304. equiped with auto-stop protection function when open the door.




Item No. WP-H3220 WP-H4230 WP-H5235 WP-H6240 WP-H7245
Film Width 140~320mm 160~420mm 180~520mm 180~620mm 200~720mm
Bag Size

L: 60~200mm

W: 50~150mm

L: 60~300mm

W: 60~200mm

L: 60~350mm

W: 70~250mm

L: 70~400mm

W: 80~300mm

L: 70~450mm

W: 80~350mm

Max. Packing Speed 100bags/min 100bags/min 90bags/min 85bags/min 70bags/min
Power Requirement 220V/50(60)Hz 220V/50(60)Hz 220V/50(60)Hz 220V/50(60)Hz 220V/50(60)Hz
Gas Pression 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Gas Consumption 0.15m³/min 0.2m³/min 0.2m³/min 0.2m³/min 0.4m³/min

Machine Size


1158*930*1213 1400*1100*1560 1514*1154*1590 1640*1226*1709 1748*1344*1955
Machine Weight 350KG 500KG 550KG 600KG


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