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The work and maintenance of the automatic packaging machine for jujube pellets

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The work and maintenance of the automatic packaging machine for jujube pellets

With the development of industry, the packaging industry has made tremendous development and progress. The emergence of automatic packaging machines has further improved the efficiency of product packaging and sales. Understanding the working principle of the packaging machine plays an important role in the production and maintenance of the automatic packaging machine in the future. The following editor will introduce how the automatic packaging machine works and maintains it?

1. How does the automatic packaging machine work?

In the working principle of an ordinary automatic packaging machine, the magnet is the stator and the winding is the rotor. Therefore use brushes for commutation. In the working principle of the automatic packaging machine, the coil is the stator and the Shuijiu magnet is rotating f. The direction of the current in the winding can be changed through the power tube to achieve brushless commutation. The position of the rotor (water magnet) is detected by induced voltage.

Similar to the principle of a generator, the induced voltage is that if the magnet rotates in the coil, the voltage generated in the coil is related to the position of the magnet.

The automatic packaging machine detects the rotor position of the motor by the position detection circuit and outputs the corresponding waveform, which is a closed-loop control mode. The rotation speed of the automatic packaging machine is controlled by PWM to change the output voltage to operate at a rotation speed that can produce a torque that is balanced with the load torque.

If the voltage is increased, the same speed will produce greater torque, and the speed will increase in balance with the load torque; on the contrary, if the voltage is reduced, the speed will decrease, and the microcomputer control system will measure the torque <the output speed at any time, and adjust Control the voltage to achieve the desired speed.

Because there is no slip like an AC motor, the speed of the DC motor is the same as the output frequency of the inverter.


2. How to do the maintenance of the automatic packaging machine?

1. Regularly check the parts, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings and other movable parts are flexible and worn. If any defects are found, they should be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly.

2. The machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.

3. After the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it, ready for the next use.

4. When the roller moves back and forth during work, please adjust the M10 screw on the front bearing to the proper position. If the gear shaft moves, please adjust the back of the bearing frame.

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