The detail of multi-lane stick packaging machine for granule work

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The detail of multi-lane stick packaging machine for granule work

13According to its different performance characteristics, the granular automatic packaging machine can be divided into packaging material sorting and supplying system, packaging material measuring and supplying system, main transmission system, packaging execution mechanism, finished product export organization, power machinery and transmission system and control system. Each system is related to the different functions of the automatic packaging machine. Then let's take a look at the technical principles and usage details of the automatic packaging machine.

1. The technical principle of automatic granule packaging machine

1. Packaging material sorting and supply system

A system that cuts packaging materials (including flexible, semi-rigid, rigid packaging materials, packaging containers and auxiliary materials) into a certain length or arranges them, and then transports them to a predetermined station one by one. For example, the packaging paper feeding and cutting mechanism in a candy packaging machine. The supply system of some can sealing machines can also complete the orientation and supply of can lids.

2. Packaging material measurement and supply system

A system for measuring, sorting, arranging and transporting packaged items to a predetermined site. Some people can also complete the forming and segmentation of packaged items. For example, it is used in the metering and liquid material supply system of beverage filling machines.

3. The main drive system

A system in which packaging materials and packaging items are sequentially transferred from one packaging station to the next. However, the single station packaging machine does not have a transmission system. Generally, all packaging processes are coordinated and completed in multiple stations on the packaging machine, so a dedicated organization must be used to deliver packaging materials and packaging items until the product is exported. The formation of the main conveying mechanism usually determines the form of the packaging machine and affects its appearance.

4. Packaging Executive

Mechanisms that directly complete packaging operations, including mechanisms that complete operations such as packaging, filling, sealing, labeling, and binding.

5. Finished product export organization

A mechanism that unloads the packaged products from the packaging machine, arranges them in a certain direction, and outputs them. The output of some packaging machine equipment is completed by the main conveying mechanism, or unloaded by the weight of the packaged product.

6. Power machinery and transmission system

The power of mechanical work is usually the electric motor in modern packaging machine equipment, but it can also be a gas engine or other power machinery.

7. Control system

It consists of various manual equipment and automatic equipment. In the packaging machine, the power output, the operation of the transmission mechanism, the operation and cooperation of the packaging actuator and the output of the packaged product are all controlled by the control system. It mainly includes packaging process control, packaging quality control, fault control and safety control.

In addition to the mechanical form, the control methods of modern packaging machine equipment also include electrical control, pneumatic control, photoelectric control, electronic control and jet control, which can be selected according to the automation level of the packaging machine equipment and the requirements of packaging operations.

8. Body

In other words, it is used to install, fix and support all the components of the packaging machine, and can meet their mutual movement and mutual positioning requirements. The fuselage must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability. Although there are many types of packaging machines and their performance is very different, the main components are still based on these components, after all, they are the core components.

Second, the use details of the granule automatic packaging machine

First of all, we need to pay attention to that when using a fully automatic packaging machine, its placement is very important, it must be placed on a stable ground, and it should be avoided in a dusty environment. Because its packaging needs to use filtering equipment, if the surrounding dust is too much, the pressure on the filtering system is very large. Secondly, when using the equipment, we must choose a suitable power supply, so as to ensure its normal operation, otherwise it will inevitably encounter many problems.

In addition to these aspects, in order to ensure the normal use of the fully automatic packaging machine, packaging machinery believes that when buying equipment, you should choose a larger number of accessories. Because the loss rate of many accessories is relatively large during the operation of the equipment, once a problem occurs, we need to replace it in time to ensure that the production is not affected.

The above is the detailed content of "Technical Principles and Use Details of Automatic Granule Packaging Machine", if you have any questions, you can consult us.


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