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The benefits of paste packaging machine

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The benefits of paste packaging machine

An era has the characteristics of an era, and after entering the 21st century, my country's science and technology has also begun to develop prominently, and a large number of automation equipment has begun to enter major food processing companies one after another, so let's come together Look at the benefits and classification of automatic packaging machines.

1. The benefits of paste packaging machine

1. The paste packaging machine can achieve unified packaging according to the shape and size of the packaged product, and manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.

2. The paste packaging machine can reduce the labor intensity of the operators. If mass production is adopted, the traditional manual packaging will not only be labor intensive, but also cannot reach the required packaging capacity.

3. It can reduce the probability of human contact with food products, thereby ensuring food hygiene problems.


2. Paste packaging machine type

1. Double-chamber automatic packaging machine

Working process: first close the lid, and the vacuum pump draws air from the studio. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, the vacuum pump stops working, the pressure valve opens, the airbag is inflated, the pressure strip is pressed down to tighten the sealing part, and the package is heated by electricity, and the packaging bag is completely sealed. The air release valve is energized and opened, and the air is automatically released and the cover is opened to complete a working cycle.

Features: Easy to operate. After closing the vacuum chamber, operations such as vacuuming, inflation, and heat sealing can be realized. For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, suitable parameters can be adjusted separately to achieve better packaging effects.

This model has a wide range of applications. It can be packaged for large and small packages. For some products with special requirements, the products can be vacuumed by customizing unconventional models. For example, the recessed automatic packaging machine is mainly aimed at For large packages or products with more soups, the four-sealing line automatic packaging machine is mainly suitable for snack foods packed in small bags.

2. Rolling automatic packaging machine

The rolling automatic packaging machine uses a conveyor belt as the workbench and conveying device of the automatic packaging machine. The conveyor belt moves continuously during operation, so this model is also called a continuous automatic packaging machine. Its vacuum chamber is Above the conveyor belt, the flat plate is below the conveyor belt, forming a vacuum chamber when closed, and the conveyor belt is sandwiched between the two, as long as the products that require the packaging machine are put into bags and placed on the conveyor belt in turn, The entire vacuuming process can be completed automatically.

This rolling automatic packaging machine can be tilted at various angles and is suitable for the packaging of pickles or seafood products with soup. Due to the high degree of automation, it is especially suitable for mass production and processing.

3. Stretch film automatic packaging machine

Working process: The lower film is towed and stepped at a fixed step distance, and it is formed by air pressure, vacuum or die through the preheating zone and the heating zone. After filling the material in the filling zone, it enters the heat sealing zone. In the heat sealing zone, the upper The roll film is covered on the forming box after the guide roller. According to the packaging needs, it can be vacuumed or filled with protective gas, and then heat-sealed. After the heat-sealing is completed, the production batch and production date can be printed , And then cross-cut and longitudinal-cut to form a packaged product.

This model is different from other types of automatic packaging machines in terms of packaging, because it does not require prefabricated bags, but instead of prefabricated bags to package products by stretching the film, this film can be patternless The white film can also be a color film with a pattern, or an aluminum foil film with a light-proof function. This specific choice is based on the product packaging requirements and the positioning of the product. This model is currently used more in the snack food industry , Such as beef jerky, tofu, pickled chicken feet, fish tofu, small fish, donkey-hide gelatin cake and other snack foods are packaged by this stretch film automatic packaging machine.

The entire machine adopts a modular design, and each operation link is uniformly controlled by the main operating system PLC. Therefore, automated production is realized, avoiding the cumbersome links that require a lot of labor in traditional mass production, and improving work productivity. At the same time, it also saves labor costs for the company.

4. Automatic paste packaging machine

Features: A bag-feeding automatic packaging machine that can realize automatic bag feeding, automatic weighing, automatic feeding, automatic vacuuming, automatic sealing, and automatic vacuuming. An obvious feature of this model is for different Products have different feeding methods. There are automatic feeding methods and semi-automatic feeding methods. This can be selected according to the characteristics of the products. The most suitable feeding methods are currently used in the agricultural and sideline product industries, such as corn, Rice products, snack food industry, such as duck neck, chicken feet, etc., egg product industry, such as braised eggs, salted duck eggs, etc.

The above are the benefits and classification of the paste packaging machine. If you have any questions, you can consult us.


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