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The basic structure of packaging machinery

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The basic structure of packaging machinery

Packaging machinery includes a wide range, many different types, such as the installation package (bag), boxing, wrapping, sealing, bundling and other machinery. These packaging machinery Although packaging technology, packaging materials, packaging materials different, but they all have a common structure and a portion of a part of a special structure. Common structure of various packaging machinery have called the basic structure of the packaging machinery. The basic structure of packaging machinery is mainly composed of the power unit, transmission mechanism, feed mechanism, a metering device, the control system, the body conveying means and seven parts and other components.

First, the basic structure of the packaging machinery - power unit.

Power unit is the driving force behind the mechanical movement, the kinetic energy generated by the electric motor, hydraulic pump and air compressor drive the entire packaging machinery operation. In the most common use of the motor. Each machine can be an electric motor, through a transmission mechanism driving the moving parts. In order to facilitate adjustment of the various moving parts and drive high degree of modernization of packaging machinery tend to use several sets of small power motors for power source individual components. Packaging Machinery actually need less power, generally between 1-3kw. Most of the power consumed in the mechanical transmission, therefore, in the design, friction loss should be adopted instead of rolling friction loss of large mechanical linkage.

In modern packaging bags, the first - class • Automatic bag packaging machine is the mainstream of development, because such packaging machinery Ke simplify packaging production process, save labor and improve labor cow yields, lower production costs, and adaptability wide, can be applied to flat bags, bags and other forms of cylindrical bags and so on.

Second, the basic structure of packaging machinery - measuring device

When quantitative packing articles, metering is - an important step. With the different body items, packaging, packaging specifications are also different; even the same kind of goods, due to the need to sell a variety of packaging specifications to suit different requirements of consumers. This has resulted in metrology complicated. When quantitative specialized packaging metering device metering device, that was requested by the quantitative value. Due to packaged goods are varied, performance, value different packaging in different ways, so work can not draw metering, metering device will also vary depending on the species, behavior, values and measurement accuracy requirements and other items without metering the same.

Third, the basic structure of the packaging machinery - Control Systems

Many packaging machinery control systems, are: electromechanical control, photoelectric control and electronic control. Their main function is used for weighing, counting, positioning, measurement, feeding, blanking and safety, protection and other aspects. Various aspects of the function, there is a certain device.


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