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Packing high-end brand positioning as a strategic key trends

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Packing high-end brand positioning as a strategic key trends

Price and market high-end brand positioning

Generally means that it is a good high-quality cultural history, or the customer's ability to pay. But since there is a significant price and high correlation, which means it's not only a source of income, but also means that confidence in the market, the market's judgment. Do not cut prices in order to protect the high-end, or on the high end of the market there is a certain expectation that the current downturn may be temporary.

There is a logical relationship between the price of high-end and high-end markets exist, if people get out, go to the interests of the future will not stick on my income, how much behind it is not a concept of money, is a strategy selection. The high-end market, according to China's economic recovery in fact, consumption structure there is such a different business and trade among them is a special market. It is important to determine the future of the market structure will still such a structure, in the end, low-end, high-end, or was that a mass market, if it becomes a high-end market is a niche, if you abandon high-end, and finally you become a niche market. However, there is a breakdown of the high-end overseas market presence, along with the whole of globalization, there is basis to determine whether foreign, but also need some data to investigate.

Especially after the next 70, 80, 90, 90 especially after consumption, they change consumer attitudes, assumptions on the premise of the market has changed. In the past we said that the so-called well-known brands, is that it goes beyond the influence of the industry, resulting in social influence, no doubt are aware of the brand, along with changes in the market price strategy which come and go, there may be around in the industry among high-end brands.

Domestic emotional positioning is very important

In fact, sometimes when consumers buy a certain brand of products, not only to get the product of a function, more importantly, their value proposition is to show their way of life through the expression of the brand. Emotional positioning can bring consumers more personalized experience. Emotional positioning of the brand premium ability. For consumers have the same emotional needs products, emotional positioning of the brand's price sensitivity is often lower than the use of the product attributes brand positioning.

In fact, one touches the inner world of the emotional demands of consumers tend to give consumers left a deep and lasting memories, inspire consumers when making purchasing decisions in an intuitive, enhance consumer loyalty. Emotional positioning it easier for consumers to remember. Tolerance is much greater emotion than the tolerance of product attributes, to create more opportunities for success in other areas to extend the brand. Emotional positioning of the brand extension to provide a broader space.

Positioning technology hand in hand

Despite the current packaging industry is struggling to adopt new technologies, but still there will be something unattainable. For example, an online store selling merchandise packaging is very difficult to distinguish, the courier at the time of shipment is always difficult to discern the differences between the parcel. If brands can be sold in packaging and other packaging differentiated electricity supplier, the result would be quite different.


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