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Automation Technology And Two Characteristics in Automation Design

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Automation Technology And Two Characteristics in Automation Design

The necessity of computerized combination weigher packaging machinery to use automation technology and there are two characteristics in automation design

Computer combination weigher packaging machinery has high packaging speed, precise packaging accuracy, and low energy consumption, which not only ensures sufficient production capacity, but also saves costs for enterprises. The increase in market demand for packaging machinery and equipment has greatly encouraged Technology upgrades in the industry. Brand new packaging models with intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace the traditional and become the mainstream in the future. Then let's take a look at the necessity of packaging machinery to use automation technology and there are two features in automation design. Right.

1. The necessity of computerized combination weigher packaging machinery to use automation technology

Automation technology is a comprehensive technology. It is closely related to cybernetics, information theory, system engineering, computer technology, electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, and automatic control. Among them, control theory and computer technology are used to control automation. Technology has the greatest impact. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the emergence of various pharmaceutical and food processing products has brought new challenges to packaging technology and packaging equipment. Packaging automation technology is playing an increasingly important role in the circulation field. effect.

Of course, the general form of packaging machines is still used in many companies. They can also complete the corresponding packaging tasks, and the price must have an advantage. It seems that some people want to say, so what is the purpose of developing automatic packaging machines? They overlooked an important enterprise development issue. We know clearly that the market is changing rapidly. Although the packaging machine industry is not as fast as the electronic technology industry, it is in such a big economic situation, automatic packaging The use of computers has largely become a measure of the speed and strength of an enterprise's development.

Two, automation technology has two characteristics in the automation design of packaging machinery

1. The flexibility and flexibility of the computer combination weigher packaging machine are as follows:

In terms of quality, it can not only pack a single product, but also different batches of products; in terms of structure, the entire equipment is composed of units, and one or several can be used to adapt to product changes. In terms of supply, like candy packaging machines, they can also be used in common On the basis, it can be combined with different units, three feed ports, four different folding packaging forms, one machine can pack a variety of different candies at the same time. After the operation of multiple manipulators, it is monitored and directed by a camera. According to the instructions, different kinds of candies are packaged in different ways. If the products are different, reset the camera program, so that the equipment has good flexibility and flexibility.

2. Application of automation technology in packaging machinery

Most of the packaging machinery in my country is mainly controlled by a single machine, and the use of PLC and industrial computer, DCS and fieldbus skills is less than 10% of the total number of equipment. The transmission of food and packaging production lines is mainly mechanical transmission, and the control and driving skills are summarized The use level is low, and the system cannot reach the optimal design. Because the production company's skill level is not high, the sensing and detection skills, positioning control, online monitoring, etc. are not fully used, and there is still a large distance from the leading foreign control skills.

The above is the necessity of using automation technology for computer combination weigher packaging machinery and there are two features in automation design. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have other questions, you can consult us.


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