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Automatic Multi-Function Rotary Premade Stand up Pouch Bag Filling Powder Snack Food Packaging Packing Machine

1. Automatic warning protect function, safer working environment and less materials lossing.
2. The frame of machine is made of SS304 stainless steel, man-machine interface, easy to operate and maintence.
3. Available system for choice: remote diagnosis system, automatic lubrication system, automatic clips adjusting system.
4. Widely used for preformed zipper bag, standup pouch bag, side sealing bag, handbag, paper bag and so on by one machine.
Model WP-WG160 WP-WG210 WP-WG260
Station 5 station 5 station 5 station
Bag size L*W=(110-230)*(90-160)mm L*W=(110-280)*(110-210)mm L*W=(120-380)*(120-260)mm
Packing speed 5-50bags/min 5-50bags/min 5-50bags/min
Power 2kw/380V/50/60HZ 2kw/380V/50/60HZ 7kw/380V/50/60HZ
Gas consumption 0.7 m³/min 0.7 m³/min 0.7 m³/min
Machine size L*W*H=1750*1285*1360mm L*W*H=2140*1366*1360mm L*W*H=2430*1400*1360mm
Machine weight 800kg 900kg 1000kg

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