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China Food and Packaging Machinery Technology moderate, cheap, with a clear price advantage. Chinese exports to the food and packaging machinery product prices in Europe only 1/3 or 1/4 of the international market. China's own production of an "automatic filling and packaging machine", which can be evacuated in case of the absence of a vacuum chamber. Germany similar equipment, not only in the vacuum chamber is evacuated, the speed is only 70% of our products, the price is five times the price of our products. The future of China's food and packaging machinery exports while continuing to maintain the price advantage, and should increase the share of exports of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, and strive to seize the high ground.


According to Yu-Chi Industry Market Research Center is understood that China's exports of packaging machinery mainly beverages and liquid food filling machinery, packaging machinery, paper and paperboard machinery, paper, plastic composite flexible packaging machinery, all kinds of window encapsulated, labeling packaging machinery, manufacturing crates, boxes, tubes, drums manufacturing machinery and resistance welding machines. Food and packaging machinery exports have been all over Southeast Asia region, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe and other places.


Among them, the Asian region accounted for 35-40% of the total exports, the European market accounted for 30% of overall exports, the Middle East and Southeast Asia is the traditional export markets in Africa and South America in recent years to develop new emerging markets. Overall, China Food and Packaging Machinery ideal for technology and economic conditions in developing countries and regions, the future prospects of broad exports to these countries and regions.


China Food and Packaging Machinery exports from "small" to "big", from low-end to high-end, showing the product diversification of the situation. "Small" to coders, Binder, "big" to the equipment, the export of food and packaging machinery covering the existing product range, different levels of food and packaging machinery have a different sales markets.

Strengthen the adjustment of product structure, enhance the technological innovation capability, accelerate the pace of international standards, is still an important task of the current development of domestic packaging machinery.


"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's packaging machinery industry based on "national strategy will fight, industrial development is necessary, necessary technical competence, huge social demand" principle, from the industrial development, a number of sports complex, high-tech food and packaging machinery in the industry played an important role. A number of high level of technology, innovation ability fist certain products not only meet the domestic market demand, but also to participate in international competition in the market, sold abroad. Development and application of these research results, a comprehensive upgrade of China's packaging machinery industry's overall technological level, greatly reducing the gap with developed countries.

Art technology and research to go the way of innovation, is a major strategic choice of packaging machinery technology development. In recent years, China's packaging machinery industry basically formed the backbone of medium-sized enterprises as the mainstay, with research institutes and universities to support, a combination of technological innovation model.


"Twelve Five" period, the state proposed innovative development model to improve the degree of standardization, to promote industrial upgrading and provide technical support. Adjust and optimize the product structure, change the mode of economic growth, and enhance the capability of independent innovation. From volume growth to improve the quality and efficiency of transformation, from a trace to mimic the main independent innovation shift from a focus on individual technological breakthroughs to shift focus on technology integration.

Packaging machinery packaging machinery industry is also actively promote original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation capacity, promote product development with independent intellectual property rights. Survey shows that the main problem of existing packaging machinery manufacturing is not the problem, but the design problem, about about 80% of the problem lies in the design aspects of the packaging machinery industry mainly uses the reference design, very few independent design, this design is difficult injection technology content and design capability, packaging machinery industry research and design program execution is not in place, much less re-market effect results-level, leading to a number of international standards of research and design outcomes or rewards countries do not recognize the results of the market, do not go out to promote . Therefore, the need to re-rationalize research and design program to develop design criteria for a new round of research, promote independent design capability, and strive to enhance the level of research and design.


From China's packaging machinery industry market research report to understand the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the domestic packaging machinery industry level is still at a low level, a number of high levels of packaging equipment was still rely on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This excessive dependence phenomenon has seriously restricted sustained and stable development of China's packaging industry, but also to some uncompetitive domestic packaging machinery companies are endangered situation. Therefore, the experts pointed out that the low level of development of packaging machinery will affect the rapid development of the packaging industry, it must strive to change its backwardness.


Compared with developed countries, products and technology gap between China packaging machinery industry mainly in the following aspects: From the product structure, China's packaging machinery is only more than 1300 kinds of varieties, such as pillow packaging machine, tea packing machine, packing machine other models, which support a small number of large-scale production and the lack of high-precision products can not meet the market demand; product quality gap between the performance of low performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, surface roughness, the quality of many components poor, short life, low reliability, affecting the overall quality of the product; from the enterprise situation, the lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, production scale, high-grade products for small businesses; from product development, the country is still basically stuck In the test stage of imitation, self-development capacity is weak, the lack of research and production base in the trial, research funding accounts for only 1% of sales, while foreign high as 8% -10%. Overall, China's packaging machinery and the international advanced products compared to competitive development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of the product are at a disadvantage.


Analysts believe that these problems are basically three reasons:


1. Lack of macro-control. Packaging machinery companies because of low starting point, "inherent" and cross-sectoral presence of overall planning and macro guidance of difficult problems in the investment and development of new products tend to herd, appeared low-level redundant disorderly competition.


2. Lack of capital investment. It is also common machinery industry, it is difficult to attract a lot of capital investment, a lot of difficult transformation. Due to lack of funds for investment in research and development enterprises accounted for less than 1% of the average level of sales, not to produce a generation, development of generation, the generation of research. In the absence of technical reserves, the introduction of technology, poor digestion and absorption of work, so that the new product less competitive.


3. Lack of professional and technical personnel. Because the packaging machinery industry profits are not high, it is difficult to attract the best professionals that talent is uneven, independent product development and innovation capacity is weak, and even the ability to digest and absorb foreign similar products are weak, resulting in consistent system products for many years.


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