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You can open and insert up to 60 chipboard partitions per minute on Wilpac’s Model 70 dual head partitioner.
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    WP-L Series Linear Scales
    WP-L Series Linear Scales
    ◎applicable weighing materials:sugar、salt、seeds、rice、sesame、aginomoto、Chicken、essence、milkpowder、coffee、seasoning、powder、Small particles etc。
    ◎High precision digital weighing sensors。
    ◎PLC control system ,stable and reliable。
    ◎5.7inch colorful touch screen。
    ◎material contact parts (storage hopper, hopper, vibration plate, weighing hopper, etc.) are to realize fast disassembly, easy to clean。
    ◎IP65 ,easy to clean and maintance。

    Model WP-L2(1) WP-L2(2) WP-L4(1) WP-L4(2)
    Max single Dump cap.(g) 20-3000g 500-10000g 20-2000g 20-200g
    Weighing accuracy ±0.5-3g ±1-10g ±0.2-2g ±0.1-1g
    Max weighing speed 30PPM 25PPM 60PPM 70PPM
    Hopper volume 5L 15L 3L 0.5L
    Parameters preset 20 20 20 20
    Max weigh materials 2 2 4 4
    Powder requirements 220V/50/60HZ
    Packing Dimension(mm) 846(L)x666


    ◎Can weighing sevral kinds of material at the same time,Hybrid materials packaging。
    ◎With stepless feeding system,Make the material more evenly, weighing range larger。
    ◎Change the parameters directly in the running accorrding to the production situation。
    ◎Realize the Internet remote monitoring and tracking.simple operation。

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