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You can open and insert up to 60 chipboard partitions per minute on Wilpac’s Model 70 dual head partitioner.
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    WP-AX Series Linear Weigher Packing Machine

    Model WP-AX1-1 WP-AX2-1 WP-AX2-2 WP-AX4-1 WP-AX4-2
    Weighing Cap 100~3000g 100~3000g 500~10000g 50~2000g 50~200g
    Accuracy 0.5~3g 0.5~3g 1~10g 0.2~2g 0.1~1g
    Max.Speed 10~30wpm 10~30wpm 5~25wpm 10~60wpm 30~70wpm
    Hopper Volume 5000ml 5000ml 15000ml 3000ml 500ml
    Control Pannel
    20 20 20 20 20
    Max. Mixing
    2 2 4 4
    800W 1000W 1000W 800W


    For VFFS Packing Machine


    Item NO.
    WP-E3220 WP-E4230 WP-E5235 WP-E6240 WP-E7245
    Film Width 140~320mm 160~420mm 180~520mm 180~620mm 200~720mm
    Bag Length 60~200mm 60~300mm 60~350mm 80~400mm 90~450mm
    Bag Width 60~150mm 70~200mm 80~250mm 80~300mm 70~350mm
    Max Speed 70bags/min 65bags/min 60bags/min 50bags/min 50bags/min
    Gas Pression 0.6Mbra 0.6Mbra 0.6Mbra 0.6Mbra 0.6Mbra


    > Application

    * Applicable bag type: pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag.

    * Applicable film material: a variety of laminated films, single-layer PE film, film thickness range 0.04~0.15mm.

    * Applicable packing material: a variety of recreation frozen food, coffee bean, oatmeal, granulated sugar, salt, rice, pet food, small hardware etc.


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